What is the Comp Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is the primary tool for guiding preservation and development in Palo Alto. The Plan reflects community values and provides a collective vision that both guides preservation and growth and change.

The Plan fulfills the State requirement that the City adopt a General Plan to serve as its constitution, with internally consistent goals and policies that reflect the community’s priorities regarding land use, circulation, conservation, housing, open space, noise, and safety. The Plan provides a foundation for the City’s development regulations, capital improvements program, and day-to-day decisions.

The Comp Plan update process will bring all the Plan Elements up to date and address changes to the demographic, economic and environmental conditions in Palo Alto that are anticipated to occur through 2030. Through a separate process, to meet State deadlines, the City’s Housing Element was updated to provide a framework for growth through 2023, and was adopted by the City Council on November 10, 2014. More information regarding the updated Element contents and process can be found on the Housing Element page.