California Avenue Area Concept Plan

In conjunction with the creation of Our Palo Alto 2030, a conceptual plan was developed to guide future land use in the area between Cambridge Avenue, the railroad tracks, Lambert Avenue, and El Camino Real. This area is home to a number of important landmarks, destinations, and popular local institutions. Through community input, three distinct subareas have been identified where change can be accommodated: California Avenue, Park Boulevard, and the Fry’s site.

The California Avenue Area Concept Plan weaves together a variety of prior planning initiatives for the area, including Caltrain station area development regulations, streetscape improvements, a design guidelines update, designation as a Priority Development Area, and a rail corridor study, together in a unified vision to guide future change while preserving and enhancing the quality of life in nearby residential neighborhoods. Developed on the basis of public input received during a series of four community meetings between 2010 and 2012, the Concept Plan generally maintains existing Comprehensive Plan land use designations.

Policies and Programs for California Avenue

  • Incentivizing mixed-use development and requiring active uses on the ground floor of buildings.
  • Supporting development of a hotel and associated hospitality uses in proximity to transit.
  • Working with employers and transit agencies to encourage transit use.

Policies and Programs for Park Boulevard

  • Adopting a Technology Corridor Overlay and determining incentives to encourage smaller, technology-related firms.
  • Studying safety for cyclists and pedestrians along Park Boulevard and alternative routes, and incorporating additional recommendations for improvements into the BPTP.

Policies and Programs for the Fry’s Site

  • Encouraging mixed-use development at the higher end of the allowed density range.
  • Coordinating site planning and outreach to improve the relationship of the site to its surroundings.
  • Requiring a minimum of 20% of the total square footage on the Fry’s site be residential.
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