East Meadow Circle Concept Plan

Developed in 2012, this Concept Plan outlines a vision for the area between Highway 101, Charleston Road, and Louis Road. The Plan includes recommendations for improvements to the local bicycle network, as well as specific policies and programs for three subareas: West Bayshore Industrial; East San Antonio; and Charleston Road. A product of a series of stakeholder meetings and well-attended public workshops, the Concept Plan identifies the kinds of uses and types of future development that would be desirable in the area.

The Concept Plan maps potential new pedestrian and bike routes along Adobe Creek, Barron Creek and Sterling Canal, and calls for improving access to the Baylands across Highway 101. Residential and day care uses are prohibited in the Plan area, with schools allowed only on selected West Bayshore parcels with conditional use permit review.

Policies for West Bayshore

  • Encouraging expansion and attraction of high-end research and development uses with appropriate transitions to adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Supporting construction by Space Systems Loral of a new facility in an appropriate location to accommodate assembly of larger telecommunication satellites.

Policies for East San Antonio

  • Encouraging larger-scale commercial development that generates revenue, complements existing development, and provides a lively streetscape that accommodates vehicles while encouraging pedestrian use.
  • Retaining existing land use and zone designations.

Policies for Charleston Road

  • Exploring opportunities to rehabilitate the Fairchild Building by working with the owner to assess challenges such as parking, possible clean up, and flood-zone requirements, and considering historic designation.
  • Retaining manufacturing and light industry uses.
Download the plan in PDF format here or click the image below to view as an interactive booklet.