In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to provide an assessment of the potential environmental consequences of adopting and implementing the proposed Comprehensive Plan Update and associated zoning amendments. The Final EIR is now available and contains responses to comments received on a Draft EIR and a Supplement to the Draft EIR (both of which are available below). The Final EIR also contains corrections and clarifications to the text and analysis of the Draft EIR and Supplement to the Draft EIR, where warranted.

The Final EIR presents and analyzes a preferred scenario that represents an updated Comprehensive Plan that would maintain the vision and values of the 1998 Comp Plan, supporting them with updated policies and implementation programs better reflecting the world of today.

The City Council defined the basic parameters of the preferred scenario on March 20, 2017. The City Council developed the preferred scenario through its input and direction on elements of the proposed Comp Plan Update that it reviewed upon receipt of the Citizens Advisory Committee’s (CAC) recommendations. The draft Comp Plan that was referred to the PTC by the City Council on June12, 2017 and transmitted to the PTC on June 30, 2017 reflects the City Council’s direction and constitutes the preferred scenario. The June 30, 2017 draft Comp Plan is available online at the following address: http://www.paloaltocompplan.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/PACompPlan_June30_PTC_webreduced.pdf

Below is a list of the EIR documentation that has been prepared as part of the Comp Plan Update process.

Final EIR

Complete Final EIR (20.6 mb)

Notice of Availability – Final EIR 

Volume I: Final EIR

Final EIR Volume 1, Complete (6.1 mb)

Individual Chapters:

Volume II: Final EIR Appendix

Appendix J: Comment Letters (15.2 mb)

Note: Appendices A though I appeared in the February 2016 Draft EIR and Supplement to Draft EIR.

Supplemental to the Draft EIR

Volume 1: Supplement to the Draft EIR

Notice of Availability (101 kb)
Notice of Completion (75 kb)

Supplement to Draft EIR Volume 1, Complete (13.3 mb)

Individual Chapters:

Volume 2: Supplement to the Draft EIR Appendices

Supplement to Draft EIR Appendices, Complete (7.9 mb)

Individual Chapters:

Note: Appendices that appeared in the February 2016 Draft EIR and have been wholly revised have the same letter as in the February 2016 Draft EIR. Where new appendices have been added in this Supplement to the Draft EIR, they have new letters.

February 2016 Draft EIR

Volume I: Draft EIR

Complete Document (27 mb web quality version)

Individual Chapters:

Volume II: Draft EIR Appendices

Individual Chapters:

February 2017 Draft EIR Orientation Document

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