Citizens Advisory Committee

The CAC will consist of 22 community members appointed by the City Manager to represent a diversity of interests, as well as 3 ex officio (non-voting) members representing the Planning & Transportation Commission, the Palo Alto Unified School District, and Stanford University.

The City Council will address critical issues, choices, and measures, providing guidance to the CAC, which will work on policies and programs based on vision statement s and guidance from the City Council. CAC will review Comprehensive Plan sections, recommendations of the Planning & Transportation Commission, and public input received during and in advance of the meetings. The CAC will assist staff with the evaluation of “open sourced” public input and with synthesizing all materials and inputs as they review plan language (policies/programs) and proposed revisions. Members of the CAC will be asked to review materials provided in advance of meetings, and will be primarily engaged in reviewing and commenting on (rather than writing) draft plan language.

CAC meetings are open to the public. Click here for a calendar of meeting dates and topic. Agendas and materials will be posted below approximately one week in advance of CAC meetings.

Date Location Meeting Materials Meeting Summary

July 14, 2015
Mitchell Park Library – Midtown Room

August 11, 2015
Mitchell Park Library – Midtown Room

September 8, 2015
Mitchell Park Library – Midtown Room

CAC Membership

Applications for the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) were accepted between May 30 and June 15, 2015. Thanks to everyone who applied. The City Manager is pleased to announce the following appointments to the CAC:

  • Daniel Garber – Old Palo Alto
  • Hamilton Hitchings – Duvenek
  • Jared Jacobs – Evergreen Park
  • Arthur Keller – Adobe Meadow
  • Lydia Kou – Barron Park
  • Steve Levy – Downtown South
  • Don McDougall – Professorville
  • Bonnie Packer – Palo Verde
  • Lisa Peschcke-Koedt – Crescent Park
  • Amy Sung – Green Gable
  • Doria Summa – College Terrace
  • Jason Titus – Downtown North
  • Elaine Uang – Downtown North
  • Ellen Uhrbrock – University South
  • Alex Van Riesen – Midtown
  • Bob Wenzlau – Crescent Park
  • Mila Zelkha – Fairmeadow
  • Adrian Fine – Planning and Transportation Commission
  • Heidi Emberling – Palo Alto Unified School District
  • Whitney McNair – Stanford University

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