Summit – Virtual Meeting

For those who were not able to attend the Our Palo Alto 2030 Summit or participated and have more ideas, the City of Palo Alto created another opportunity to share ideas on transportation, growth management and housing. First, view the full report on the Summit, select one of the topics below to watch a short video clip to learn more and view the results of the discussion online. The Virtual Summit was “live” through the end of June 2014, and all ideas were shared with Palo Alto’s City Council and the Citizen Advisory Committee as part of the update to Palo Alto’s Comprehensive Plan.


  1. What technological innovations will improve mobility while helping to maintain the quality and livability of Palo Alto neighborhoods?
  2. How should Palo Alto’s key transportation corridors look and function in 2030?
  3. What would motivate or enable you to drive less?

growth management

  1. What growth management strategy is best suited for Palo Alto?
  2. What are the negative impacts of growth that concern you the most?
  3. What would a longer-term solution to retail preservation look like?


  1. Where should future housing be located?
  2. What types of housing are needed to suit the lifestyles of tomorrow’s residents?
  3. How can we design housing that contributes to the character of the community we want?