Summit Report

Over 350 Palo Alto residents, business people, community leaders, and elected officials gathered at Mitchell Park Community Center on Saturday May 30, 2015 for Our Palo Alto 2030 – the Summit. This marquee event brought together a diverse range of voices from throughout the community for a lively discussion of choices that have informed the development of the Comprehensive Plan. The event kicked off with a welcome from Mayor Karen Holman and an introductory presentation from City Manager Jim Keene to frame the context for the choices at hand. Then Planning Director Hillary Gitelman spoke to outline the Comprehensive Plan Update process, introduce the critical choices and orient participants to the small group discussion activities that followed throughout the day. From mid-morning onward, Summit participants worked in groups of 4 to 6, weighing in on key issues such as Transportation, Growth Management, and Housing in a series of breakout sessions. Each session started with a 6-minute video with information on existing conditions and trends to layout important questions and tee up a discussion. Groups then worked together for about one hour, sharing their vision and solutions for growth and preservation in Palo Alto over the next 15 years and recording their comments on a series of worksheets. When the hour was up, each group texted in their top two ideas; a summary of the discussion’s key points scrolled onscreen and in real time.Watch the three videos below to see the top ideas for each breakout session texted in on the day of the Summit. Or, click on the thumbnail below to see the them in PDF format. A full report of the Summit Proceedings is available below.
top-ideas-transport top-ideas-growth top-ideas-housing

Summit Proceedings

The Summit Proceedings contains a full record of ideas generated by workshop participants, including worksheets and table maps. It is organized into the following sections, each of which is posted as an individual file: