Implementation Chapter

In order to accomplish the Plan’s goals to the extent that resources are available, the Implementation Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan provides an overall sense of priorities for future City actions. Specifically, the Chapter prioritizes each program in the Plan in a Table, which identifies the Lead Department of Agency responsible for tracking and completing the program, timing, and anticipated level of effort. As a living document, the Implementation Table may change in response to resources identified by City Council during its five-year review, Planning and Transportation Commission recommendations during its annual review, and staff review during the annual budget process.


Vision Statement

“Palo Alto’s Implementation Plan is intended to provide an overview of priorities for future actions to accomplish the goals of the Comprehensive Plan. It provides a key mechanism to link Comprehensive Plan implementation to Palo Alto’s budget process, and it will ultimately be a yardstick against which Palo Alto can measure its Comprehensive Plan accomplishments.”

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